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Octopus onion new dark web site

On the regular Internet, millions of new sites appear every day offering various services and products. Everything is the same on the darknet, sites are constantly changing, some appear, others disappear. This happened with Hydra, everyone knows this site, which was closed in 2022. But in its place, other resources appear that offer illegal drugs and other prohibited items. One of these resources is the SPRUT marketplace. Let's figure out what kind of site it is and what products are sold there.

Analysis of the SPRUT website

And so, we already wrote above that blackspruit is a darknet marketplace. It hosts shops that offer illegal drugs and much more. This site appeared quite recently, there is no exact date, but it is tentatively January 2023. Visually, the site looks quite simple, with a white background and black text with bright orange elements. In general, visually the site is not very bad and is pleasant and convenient on it. As for products, the main products are drugs. On the octopus onion you will find both light preparations, such as hashish, and heavy ones. drugs, including heroin and psychotropic substances. In addition to drugs on the site, you can find counterfeit money, weapons, fake documents, as well as illegal services, such as hacker services. It is worth remembering that buying or selling such goods is not legal and you need to be extremely careful when purchasing anything on the darknet in general and on the octopus in particular.

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